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Hand and wrist Care in Kenya

Improving lives

Your hands are critical for going about your normal daily activities of living. To accomplish daily tasks, it is essential that all elements of the hand, wrist, and elbow work together to optimize overall function.

Any acute injury or onset of disease may interfere with the elements of the hand, wrist, and elbow, causing a loss of use, discomfort, or pain.

If you have a hand and wrist injury or chronic condition, it can severely affect your ability to function — from working to enjoying recreational activities to doing simple tasks like brushing your teeth.

When faced with chronic pain, fractures, complex injuries and more, NSOC hand and wrist center in Kenya is here for you. We are dedicated to relieving your discomfort, restoring function and mobility, and most of all, improving your quality of life.

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Hand & Wrist Treatments For You

Here at Nairobi Spine Orthopaedic Center, after careful diagnosis and assessment, our hand  and wrist physician will recommend a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs.

Using extensive diagnostic testing and minimally invasive techniques, we will restore motion and function, relieving pain for adult, adolescent and pediatric patients of all activity levels.

Meet Your hand and wrist Experts

Our  hand and wrist orthopaedic specialists are experts in hand and wrist  care, and the treatment of  all hand conditions. Whether you need non-surgical care of a hand  or wrist injury, pain management, or physical therapy, Nairobi Spine & Orthopaedic Center is the leader in orthopedic care that you can trust.

DR. RICHARD BWANA OMBACHIOrthopedic & Spine Surgeon
DR. PETER KAMAU NJOROGEOrthopedic & Arthroplasty Surgeon
DR. MICHAEL MARUTrauma & Orthopedic Surgeon
DR. WAMUTITU MAINAOrthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

When to see a doctor about hand and wrist pain

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Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. But it doesn’t always tell you if you need medical treatment. So when pain develops in your hand, wrist or elbow, how do you know whether to treat it at home or see a doctor?

Orthopedic surgeons at Nairobi Spine Orthopaedic Center, who specializes in upper extremity problems, says if something is seriously wrong, you will definitely know.

Hand and wrist pain requires medical care. Minor sprains and strains usually respond to ice, rest and over-the-counter pain medications. However, If you have severe pain, deformity, numbness, or are unable to move your wrist, you should call your doctor for an immediate appointment.

First aid treatment for a broken hand

When one of the hand bones is broken or fractured, it can prevent you from using the hand, wrist and fingers. This is because fractures of the hand and of the wrist are very common .Home care for hand injuries are therefore basic tools  that one should have in case of an accident .

  • If your hands, fingers or wrist  are cold or blue, contact us at (254) 791 399 103/4 or (254) 780 888 823 immediately.

  • Do NOT straighten your  hand if it is deformed — keep it in that  position.

  • Have the person bend the arm at the elbow.

  • Stabilize the hand in the position of function  with the fingers curled loosely around a soft object like roller gauze. Use padding to keep it immobile. A splint may be tied on the lower arm with fabric or elastic bandages. Cardboard, rolled-up newspaper, or other stiff material can be used as a splint.

  • Put ice on the injury. Never put the ice directly on the skin —make an ice pack. After holding ice on the hand for about 20 minutes, take it off for 20 minutes.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen will help with pain. To decrease the risk of Reye’s Syndrome, do not give aspirin to children under 18

  • Elevate the hand above the level of the heart to reduce swelling.

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Are you looking for a hand clinic in Kenya?

hand and wrist care in Kenya, hand surgeon in Kenya, orthopaedic surgeons in Kenya

The hand clinic in Kenya at NSOC  is dedicated to the care of hand, wrist and elbow disorders for children, teens and adults.

The clinic provides medical care and treatment for various conditions and traumas affecting the hand.

Patients can feel confident that the hand clinic at NSOC will offer expert opinion on all minor to complex fractures and conditions such as trigger finger and carpal tunnel.

We treat a variety of conditions including the carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger and mallet fingers, nerve compression, arthritis at the base of the thumb, dislocated wrist, dupuytren’s contracture, fractures and joint injuries, ganglion cysts, repetitive motion syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and many others.

These conditions can have a major impact on an individual’s ability to carry out normal daily activities. Our team aims to return the individual to their previous level of function to allow them to live their lives to the full.

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