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Highest Level of Care for Hip Conditions

Hip conditions can impact almost every aspect of your life. With proper diagnosis, and the unique collaborative approach at NSOC, we provide care for almost all conditions affecting your life whether they are developmental, traumatic (due to injury), or degenerative.

Our specialists have vast experience diagnosing and treating a broad range of conditions affecting the hip including:

Conditions Treated at NSOC

  • Acetabular fractures
  • Cemented hip
  • Non-cemented hip
  • Complex limb deformity correction
  • Developmental dysplasia of the hip
  • Femoral acetabular impingement
  • Hip dislocation
  • Hip fractures
  • Inflammatory arthritis of the hip
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Osteonecrosis of the hip
  • Perthes disease
  • Slipped upper capital epiphyses
  • Trochantric bursitis

Advanced Treatments For You

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Nairobi Spine and Orthopaedic Centre provides an integrated approach to the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of disorders occurring in patients of all ages.

The orthopaedic surgeon provides comprehensive physical therapy and pain treatment to correct imbalances and restore alignment. Proper diagnosis is critical to hip pain treatment for effective relief, recovery, and re-injury prevention.

We are committed to providing the highest quality orthopedic care in a caring and supportive setting.

Meet Your Orthopedic Care Experts

Our  orthopaedic specialists are experts in care, and the treatment of hip conditions. Whether you need surgical or non-surgical care and treatment of hip disorders, pain management, or physical therapy, our team includes surgeons with different subspecialty backgrounds, as well as therapists and radiologists who have in common a specific interest in the problems affecting the hip.

DR. RICHARD BWANA OMBACHIOrthopedic & Spine Surgeon
DR. PETER KAMAU NJOROGEOrthopedic & Arthroplasty Surgeon
DR. MICHAEL MARUTrauma & Orthopedic Surgeon
DR. WAMUTITU MAINAOrthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Anatomy of the Hip

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It is one of the body’s largest joints. It is a “ball-and-socket” joint. The socket is formed by the acetabulum, which is part of the large pelvis bone. The ball is the femoral head, which is the upper end of the femur (thighbone).

The bone surfaces of the ball and socket are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth, slippery substance that protects and cushions the bones and enables them to move easily.

The surface of the joint is covered by a thin lining called the synovium. In a healthy joint, the synovium produces a small amount of fluid that lubricates the cartilage and aids in movement.

What causes hip pain?

Pain may arise from structures that are within the joint or from structures surrounding the hip. It can occur when any problems occur to the muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, or soft tissues that make up the joint.

Pain can be referred from other structures outside the joint, meaning that while the joint hurts, the problem may potentially originate elsewhere. Numerous conditions can cause pain of the region. These include arthritis, trochanteric bursitis,  impingement, fractures, sprains and strains.

When should I seek medical care for joint pain?

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