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Osteoporosis Clinic in Kenya

It’s never too late to look after your bones

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue which can lead to increased risk of fracture due to fragility and weakness of the bone.

It can also be defined as decreased bone mass as well as decreased bone strength.

The most common fractures associated with osteoporosis are in the hip, spine, wrist, and shoulder and ribs. Which can occur with minor falls from standing height, bending and even coughing.

Improved Care for People with Osteoporosis

Strong bones are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Osteoporosis doctors in Kenya at Nairobi Spine and Orthopaedic Centre, are dedicated to the treatment of this bone disease, we offer diagnostic and clinical services to patients with severe/complex osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases.

We help people with low bone mass to manage their disease, focusing on reducing their risk of getting fractures and improving their quality of life.


Meet Your Osteoporosis Experts

Our osteoporosis specialist in Kenya at Nairobi Spine and Orthopaedic Centre are dedicated to reducing the incidence of osteoporosis and promoting bone health. They educate the patient on all aspects of the disease and offer support to people with Osteoporosis, their families, and everyone at risk from the disease.

Nairobi Spine and Orthopaedic Centre is the leader in orthopedic care in Kenya that you can trust.

DR. RICHARD BWANA OMBACHIOrthopedic & Spine Surgeon
DR. PETER KAMAU NJOROGEOrthopedic & Arthroplasty Surgeon
DR. MICHAEL MARUTrauma & Orthopedic Surgeon
DR. WAMUTITU MAINAOrthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

  Know Your Risk

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There are factors that determine a person’s risk of developing or having osteoporosis and there are factors that place a person at high risk for a fracture (broken bone). These may overlap but are not necessarily the same. They include:

  • Family history of osteoporosis

  • Lack of calcium and Vitamin D in the diet

  • Psychological stress, if it is associated with inadequate nutrition and poor absorption, it results in increased cortisol and prolactin levels in the blood, which can increase bone loss.

  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, use of certain medicines

  • High caffeine intake leads to increased calcium excretion in urine and can cause the body to take calcium from the bone.

  • Decrease in the estrogen hormone during postmenopausal stage

  • Low testosterone levels in men

Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis

Our osteoporosis specialists in Nairobi, Kenya at NSOC provides diagnostic tests for bone strength, muscle density and body composition.

We rely on the most advanced diagnostic testing including DEXA scans to analyze bone density. Other tests include quantitative ultrasonography and MRI.

After the evaluation, we develop a personalized plan to preserve bone density and restore what has been lost, if possible. This may include medication, such as Calcium and Vitamin D supplements to help provide building blocks for healthy bone production.

Bone density monitoring or physical therapy can also be used to strengthen bones and improve stability.

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