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Pediatric orthopedics in Kenya

Care when you need it the most

Children with orthopedic conditions require special care that takes into consideration their bones, joints and muscles for effective treatment that does not affect the growth and development process. Our surgeons are specially trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pediatric orthopedic conditions.

Orthopedic Conditions Affecting Children

There are a variety of orthopedic conditions that specifically impact children and teens, including congenital abnormalities, childhood disease, broken bones, playground accidents, sports injuries and aches and pains associated with the growth spurts of puberty.Depending on the type of injury or disease, children with these conditions may experience abnormal muscle tone, impaired balance, weakness, poor coordination and a decrease in functional movement, in addition to pain, swelling and bruising.


Meet Your Pediatric orthopedists

Children are NOT simply little adults. What separates pediatric orthopedics from adult orthopedics? Children cannot always say what is bothering them, or answer medical questions, or be patient and cooperative during a medical examination. Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons know how to examine and treat children in a way that helps them to be relaxed and cooperative.

They also appreciate the worry that goes with having a child with a musculoskeletal problem and they have experience in communicating with anxious family members.

DR. RICHARD BWANA OMBACHIOrthopedic & Spine Surgeon
DR. PETER KAMAU NJOROGEOrthopedic & Arthroplasty Surgeon
DR. MICHAEL MARUTrauma & Orthopedic Surgeon
DR. WAMUTITU MAINAOrthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

What is pediatric orthopedics?

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A pediatric orthopedist is a specialist  is a trained and an experienced doctor who provide surgical and non- surgical treatment  for children with congenital, developmental and acquired musculoskeletal (bone, joint, or muscle) problems or conditions .This includes newborn babies through teenagers. Our expert team consist of  physicians, therapists, orthotists and nurses who are all  specialized in treating babies and teenagers.

Experts in Pediatric Orthopaedic Care

Pediatric orthopedists have extensive and comprehensive training, and as well as expertise in dealing with children and treating their musculoskeletal problems. Your pediatrician or primary care doctor may have suggestions about whom to see, or if you feel that a pediatric orthopedist is the right doctor for your child, the Top Pediatric Orthopedists at Nairobi Spine Orthopaedic Centre are here for you.

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